Adventures of “Dude and Buddy”

Ethan Brogan

Pet owners can agree, having a fuzzy friend to come home to everyday can be a big stress reliever. For me, that stress reliever is Messi, my cat. Much of his background is unclear; he was shuffled back and forth between homes and dropped off at a shelter several times. I never intended to adopt a cat, but he fell into my lap. A friend in college couldn’t keep him and I offered to look after him for a couple days. He soon took on amusing behavior, like grabbing at my feet or waking me up by standing on my face. An attachment grew as he became my partner in crime. Messi had been nicknamed by those around me as “buddy” due to a baby voice I donned upon greeting him. Having a nickname of “the dude” myself, began the adventures of Dude and Buddy.

We started our adventures by driving from Pennsylvania to Wyoming. The three day trek across the country allowed us to bond together. Ever since, Messi and I have been inseparable.

The other day, there was some strange behavior out of him. My buddy didn’t have the same playfulness and began being sluggish around the house. After a visit to the veterinarian in Casper, I discovered Messi has something wrong with him. Although, it has been undetermined yet what is wrong, I have became a worried parent. Constantly checking on the status of my buddy only heightens fears of a serious illness. But it does get me thinking about how much an animal can mean to humans. They are excited to see you everyday, regardless of what happened at work or school. You are a superhero to your pets, the coolest guy in the room and king of the castle. They may not understand where you go for 8 hours a day, but when you get home the result is the same, a happy and vocal greeting.

In short, cherish your pet. They will love you unconditionally without expecting much in return. I don’t know what the future holds for my buddy, but rest assured, this dude has got his back.


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